Preparation Training for Cybersecurity Challenge 2024 – Cryptography Deep Dive

LAC4 is conducting an online training program to prepare and train students for the third edition of the ENISA International Cybersecurity Challenge 2024.

The primary objective of this four-day training is to equip students with profound understanding and practical skills in cryptography, enhancing their capabilities to solve cryptography challenges in the third edition of the ENISA International Cybersecurity Challenge.

The program will cover theoretical foundations, practical encryption and decryption techniques, and hands-on sessions on breaking ciphers, all conducted in a virtual environment conductive to collaborative learning.

Key Outcomes

  • Mastery of cryptographic algorithms and their applications;
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills specific to cryptographic challenges in CTF contests;
  • Ability to implement and attach encryption and decryption systems;
  • Improved teamwork and collaborative problem-solving abilities in an online environment.

Training course takes place over 4 days in 4 hours sessions.

1. Introductions to Cryptography and Symmetric Cryptography

15.06.2024 6:00PM (Atlantic Standard Time, GMT -4)

  • Setting up cryptographic tools and environments.
  • Installation of cryptographic libraries.
  • Basic encryption and decryption exercises.
  • Practical Exercise: encrypting and decrypting data using AES and DES, cracking weak implementations of symmetric ciphers.

2. Asymmetric Key Cryptography and Cryptographic Protocols

16.06.2024 6:00PM (Atlantic Standard Time, GMT -4)

  • Practical exercise: setting up RSA encryption/decryption, signing and verifiying documents, solving RSA-based CTF challenges.
  • Understanding Cryptographic Protocols: SSL, PGP, Elliptical curve and SSH

3. Cryptographic Protocols and their Applications

22.06.2024 6:00PM (Atlantic Standard Time, GMT -4)

  • Application in real-world scenarious: secure communications, authentication, and non-repudiation.
  • Group exercise: implementing simple SSL session, decrypting PGP encrypter messages in a CTF scenario.

4. Advanced Topics and CTF Challenge

23.06.2024 6:00PM (Atlantic Standard Time, GMT -4)

  • Advanced Cryptographic Techniques: zero-knowledge proofs, homomorphic encryption, and quantum cryptography.
  • Prepration for CTF Competitiong: tips and strategies for tackling cryptography challenges
  • Mini-CTF-Competition: participants apply their skills in a simulated CTF challenge focusing on cryptography.

Training is designed for intermediate level students who are preparing for the ENISA International Cybersecurity Challenge 2024. Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of programming and a keen interest in cybersecurity.


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