Cryptography Deep Dive 1: Preparation Training for Cybersecurity Challenge 2024

LAC4 is conducting an online training program to prepare and train students of the Latin American and Caribbean team for the third edition of the ENISA International Cybersecurity Challenge 2024.

1. Introductions to Cryptography and Symmetric Cryptography

15.06.2024 6:00PM (Atlantic Standard Time, GMT -4)

  • Setting up cryptographic tools and environments.
  • Installation of cryptographic libraries.
  • Basic encryption and decryption exercises.
  • Practical Exercise: encrypting and decrypting data using AES and DES, cracking weak implementations of symmetric ciphers.

Training is designed for intermediate level students who are preparing for the ENISA International Cybersecurity Challenge 2024. Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of programming and a keen interest in cybersecurity.