Uruguay is the Newest Member to LAC4

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay has signed the letter of intent for LAC4 membership, becoming the 7th member in the LAC4 project.

“The partnership with Uruguay marks a significant step forward in our collective efforts to enhance cyber preparedness and resilience throughout Latin America, with a strong focus on systematic knowledge exchange and capacity building. Uruguay’s advancements in digitalisation and cybersecurity significantly enrich this collaborative endeavour. We are excited to be able to align our policy objectives and pool our expertise to strengthen trust and collaboration with partners in Latin America and the Caribbean.” – Liina Areng, the Director of LAC4 and EU CyberNet.

“Joining the LAC4 projects allows Uruguay and AGESIC to leverage the cyber capacity building resources and foster collaboration within region. It provides a unique opportunity to enhance our cyber preparedness and resilience. “ – Hebert Paguas, the Executive Director of the Electronic Government, Information and Knowledge Society Agency (AGESIC)

The letter of intent was signed by the Electronic Government, Information and Knowledge Society Agency (AGESIC) on behalf of the Government of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. Member status grants Uruguay right to participate in the governance of LAC4, offer strategic guidance on LAC4 Centre’s activities and utilize available resources.

LAC4 has currently 7 members, represented by respective national authorities or organisations: Estonia, the Netherlands, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, pan-regional RedCLARA, and Uruguay.

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