The Cyber 4.0 Competence Center of Italy joins LAC4

Cyber 4.0 Competence center, has signed the letter of intent for joining LAC4, thus becoming the 8th member in the LAC4 project.

“Partnership with Italy through Cyber 4.0 highlights the vital role of public-private partnerships in cyber capacity building efforts of the European Union in Latin America and the Caribbean. This collaboration enhances the coalition of like-minded entities, facilitating the development of tailored, culturally and contextually relevant capacity building initiatives.”– Liina Areng, Director of LAC4.

“We’re very excited to join LAC4’s efforts in enhancing cybersecurity capabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean. LAC4 also serves as a platform for Italian cybersecurity companies to expand their operations, promoting growth and innovation. I hope our contribution is mutually beneficial, positioning us at the forefront of shaping impactful cybersecurity policies.” – Leonardo Querzoni, President of Cyber 4.0.

Cyber 4.0 is a highly specialized national competence centre for cybersecurity, established and co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy. Cyber 4.0’s mission is to accompany policy makers, businesses and public administrations in Italy on a growth path towards secure digitalization. The centre is recognized as a national technology transfer hub on a public-private partnership basis, gathering more than 45 actors of national importance, Universities, public institutions, large companies, foundations and SMEs. More information:

LAC4 has currently 8 members, represented by respective national authorities or organisations: Estonia, the Netherlands, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Uruguay, pan-regional RedCLARA, and Cyber 4.0: Cyber Competence Center of Italy.

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