CyberWeek @LAC4 2022

CyberWeek LAC4 2022
LAC4 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo

CyberWeek @LAC4 2022 took place 14-17 November in Crowne Plaza hotel in Santo Domingo, combined multiple (parallel) events and hosted around 120 representatives from 27 countries in the Americas.
The week featured the first in-person GFCE/OAS LAC Regional Meeting, the first-ever FIRST Technical Colloquium for the Caribbean, LAC4 regional discussion to collect inputs on regional capacity building priorities, Cyber crisis communications workshop and Caribbean regional cybersecurity table-top exercise with the participation of 14 national teams and CARICOM IMPACS.

The Caribbean regional exercise “CyberCrabs 2022” was the culmination of a year-long in-person and online event series by LAC4 assisting the countries in the region to improve their national crisis management procedures and regulatory frameworks through scenario-based practical discussions and case studies.

The objectives of “CYberCrabs 2022” were to define and establish relevant regional cyber incident information sharing, test decision-making procedures and identify gaps and shortcomings in the legislation, mandates, procedures, and resources needed for regional collaboration in case of a regional cyber crisis.

The participants acknowledged that a common situational picture is a key to the effective mitigation of cyber incidents and that it is a shared responsibility. Information sharing and human factors will always be the first and biggest point of failure. Processes need to be in place to maintain good information exchange to facilitate resolving significant incidents and crises but it is ok to implement changes or even develop new ad-hoc procedures if the situation requires.

LAC4 Team looks forward to conducting similar exercises for other LAC sub-regions in 2023.





GFCE LAC Regional Meeting 2022


The objective of this year’s regional meeting is to discuss the role of the GFCE in Latin America and the Caribbean and how to best coordinate capacity-building efforts in the region.

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FIRST-LAC4 Technical Colloquium


LAC4 in collaboration with FIRST is organizing a Technical Colloquium, focusing on incident response and threat intelligence. The 3-day training includes hands-on sessions on the principle tools and methods to increase the incident response teams’ capacities to prevent and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

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EU CyberNet LAC Regional Priorities Discussion


All participants of the CyberWeek @LAC4 2022 are warmly welcome to join this meeting that is intended to help LAC4 to define its operation and priorities for the upcoming year.

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Communication – a Key Pillar in Solving Any (Cyber)crisis


The workshop will combine theory and practice-based learning, focusing on the national cyber crisis management communicational aspects and strategic communications.

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Caribbean Regional Cybersecurity Exercise “CyberCrabs 2022”


Table-top exercise on testing cyber crisis management procedures and cross-border information sharing.

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