Southern Cone Regional Cybersecurity Exercise

EU CyberNet and LAC4 in cooperation with the Agency for Electronic Government and the Information and Knowledge Society (AGESIC) and the Delegation of the European Union in Uruguay, are organizing the I Regional Cybersecurity Exercise for the Southern Cone.

LAC4 Uruguay Montevideo

The objective of this exercise is to better understand the sub-regional cyber threat landscape, explore and practice opportunities for regional (policy level) cooperation and coordination in response to an incident with cross-border effect, as well as:

  • Test national cyber emergency preparedness and response;
  • Identify gaps between the documented emergency response process (if any) and actual behavior;
  • Test regional crisis collaboration in cyber emergencies.

The exercise will contribute to improving information exchange between different participating states as well as exploring the best decision-making mechanisms for the countries in the same region that simultaneously have to respond to the same or similar cyber incidents.

Participating teams will come from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.