Regional Cybersecurity Conference for Internet Service Providers in Santo Domingo

The EU CyberNet, in collaboration with Cyber4Dev, Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (INDOTEL) and the National Cybersecurity Centre of the Dominican Republic are hosting a Regional Cybersecurity Conference for Internet Service Providers in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This event will constitute a practical knowledge sharing between telecom regulators and Internet service providers to address how to prevent and detect cybercrime, better defend their networks and protect their customers from online threats.

LAC4 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo

The 3-day hybrid event will feature 1-day plenary sessions dedicated to presentations and discussions on cybersecurity trends and practices in Internet service providers across the region and Europe, initiatives and policy frameworks to incentivize public-private collaboration and cross-border cooperation, including the World Economic Forum Partnership against cybercrime, and two days of interactive workshops. The workshops will cover the elements of cybersecurity regulations and baseline standards, provide insights and examples of good practices on how to address CIIP at the national level, establish a viable risk assessment framework at the organisational level, present technical tools to prevent and detect cybercrime, and offer practical steps on the establishment and execution of CISO functions.
The conference is aimed to bring together IT, information security and risk managers, and CISOs from the LAC region attending the in-person event in Santo Domingo (hosted in Centro INDOTEL). The sessions will be also video streamed to allow wider participation from other regulators, ISPs, national cybersecurity agencies, CSIRTs and other public and private sector institutions in the region.