National Cybersecurity Strategy development workshop for Uruguay

The workshop offers concise, practical guidance for creating and updating a National Cybersecurity Strategy based on the instructors upcoming publication with the EU Cyber4Dev project – National Cybersecurity Strategy Toolbox.

The workshop draws from the instructors’ international experience with supporting National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS) processes to share practical lessons, success factors, and common pitfalls that help ensure the timely delivery of a comprehensive, tailored NCS document, with robust governance and broad stakeholder engagement.

The National Cybersecurity Strategy Toolbox describes the NCS process, details the NCS Project Plan creation with tasks, responsibilities, deliverables and timelines, and the following elements of the strategy drafting process – strategic context, vision and guiding principles,  strategic objectives and lines of action. The toolbox also lists and describes the core NCS subject areas. A special chapter is dedicated to stakeholder engagement.