Information Security training for the Andean Community

EU CyberNet Project together with the Ecuadorian authorities are organising the 1st regional training for the countries of the Andean Community on Information Security principles and best practices

LAC4 Equador Quito

EU CyberNet and the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Security of Ecuador (MINTEL) are organising a 3-day training in Quito for the information security practitioners in public and private institutions and academia in Ecuador, as well as guest participants from the public sector authorities in Bolivia, Peru and the Andean Community Secretariat. The seminar will cover both administrative as well as technical aspects of ensuring effective information security within organisations. The training includes practical case studies and exercises to help the participants learn to implement information security management principles in practice. The instructors will also share recommendations on asset and risk management, network security, encryption, cloud security, secure software development, information security audits and other topics related to practical implementation of information security measures.

This seminar is the 1st regional training to facilitate the exchange of experiences and good practices, and improve cross-border collaboration on cybersecurity in the Andean region.