Information Security Seminar for the information security specialists/CISOs in Brasília, Brazil

The interactive training course will be combined of both administrative as well as technical aspects of ensuring effective information security within organisations and at the national level.

Creating an effective information security policy and taking steps to ensure awareness of cyber threats and information security compliance within the organisation is an important step towards preventing and mitigating security threats. Ensuring information security is a continuous effort, and to make it truly effective, the policy needs to be updated frequently taking into account structural and operational changes within the organisation, new threats, and conclusions drawn from previous incidents.

The course provides a detailed overview and insights on how to create an effective information security management system, including how to choose a security standard. Specific attention will be given to risk management principles and how to connect the security risks with business process risks in practice. The instructors will also share methods and cover platforms on raising awareness of cyber threats and how to prevent them. Each training day will include practical exercises on security controls and risk management, security awareness and incident handling.